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Established in 2005, Zibo Hanbo Chemical Co., Ltd was a subsidiary of China Petrochemical Qilu Petrochemical Company. Redirected and reconstructed from China Petrochemical Qilu Petrochemical Company, our company now is a specialized hi-tech development and production enterprise of pesticides, dyes, antioxidant intermediates and rubber, plastic auxiliaries, with a registered capital of CNY 25 million and 100 employees, 24 of them are technicians and engineers with medium/senior titles (5 have titles senior titles). Located in the Zibo City of Shandong Province and plant region of Qilu Petrochemical Company Rubber Factory, we enjoy convenient transportation and unique geographical location: we are only 10 kilometers from Jiqing Expressway, National highway 309 and Jiaoji Railway; moreover, we are situated in the hinterland of resources.

Equipped with several sets of hydrogenation reduction, alkylation and esterification equipment, we now mainly produce more than 10 kinds of products, including T methyl aniline, dimethyl aniline, m-Cresol, 6-tert-butyl-o-cresol (2M6TB), 6-tert-butyl-m-Cresol (3M6TB), 2-tert-butyl-p-cresol (4M4TB), Antioxidant 1520, Antioxidant 264, Antioxidant 300, aluminum-titanium compound coupling agent and so on. According to the needs of market and customers, we also have the good abilities to develop and introduce new products timely.

We had been a subsidiary of Qilu Petrochemical for more than 30 years, so we have laid a solid foundation in all aspects of enterprise construction, and trained and created a "diligent, pragmatic and first-class-seeking" staff team. Sticking to such spirit of "establishing business by honest business, quality-oriented, getting development by making innovation, cooperation and common prosperity", adhering to such loyal faith of "create customer values", we strengthen internal management, expand market, and then win the consistent reliance of customers and establish a good corporate image. Insisting on such quality policy of "taking honesty and trustworthiness as tenet, technological innovation as the driving force, continuous improvement as means and customer's satisfaction as purpose", we strictly implement the regulations of ISO9001 quality system, and maintain a good reputation of product.

Relying on Qilu Petrochemical, our company gets rapid development under the supports of its advantage on resources, and we continue to put more investments in green, environmental protection and sustainable development; we strive to generate revenue and improve efficiency, and fulfill the obligations of taxpayer earnestly; at the moment of providing quality products and services for community, we adhere to the concept of harmony and sustainable development, and actively promote the building of spiritual civilization, and then achieve the double harvests of material civilization and spiritual civilization.

In recent years, our company continued to increase investment in scientific research, and further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with the relevant key institutions, and develop new technologies, new processes and new products constantly; with growing benefits year after year, Hanbo has grown into a backbone enterprise of local place.

With great enthusiasm, Hanbo welcomes every visitor, and is willing to cooperate with all friends to create a better future!

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